We offer tailored consultancy services upon request. Please contact us!

Below is a non-exhaustive list and examples of the type of consulting services we can provide:

  • Customized data production: Use alternative input data, run the model using other forcing data, and/or update results using monitoring data, and/or deliver data for specific areas. 
  • Model improvements and new model development 
  • Adaptating/postprocessing EHYPE data to your specific needs 
  • Use the E-HYPE model for assessing climate change impact to your area of interest (see Reference project)

Coupled land-sea models for effective water management – as in Åland, Finland

consultancy HYPE Vattenweb

SMHI offers consultancy services to facilitate effective water management by tailoring our tools to specific conditions. For instance, the sensitive archipelago of Åland poses a great challenge for water management as polluting substances can originate both from land and sea sources and mix in the coastal zone. SMHI has refined an in-house tool on request by Ålands water managers, based on a coupled land-sea models to describe the origin and transport of nutrients. The tool is publicly available online and visualizes the state of the environment in different maps and diagrams. Data can also be downloaded and combined with other information to identify the most effective measures to improve water quality. We are happy to help with similar consultancy services!

Support and tailored services for the water sector in a changing climate

We help public and private organizations for optimal management of water resources to ensure quality, health, safety and sustainable development.

Our experts work with you to tailor services and plan actions for different aims:

  • Analyze the effect of climate change on water quality and water quantity in rivers, lakes and groundwater reservoirs
  • Sustainable urban planning for growing resilient cities
  • Prevision of droughts and floods for improving risk management plan
  • Hydraulic modelling for flood mapping and dam safety in a future climate
  • Ensure provision of clean fresh water for drinking water supply

We want to help you ensuring quality, health, safety and sustainable development for your organization. To this end, we offer a wide range of hydrology-related products and services:

  • Model simulations and data delivery
  • Real time hydrological information
  • Warning services
  • Operational hydrological services
  • Web-based tailored tools for visualization and support of decision-making
  • User friendly software
  • Model license
  • Training courses and capacity building
  • International cooperation

We offer you our long-established experience and expertise. Contact us today to find out how our comprehensive range of services can help you.