HYPE Tools

HYPEtools is an R add-on package, providing a continuously growing set of functions to support and simplify processing files and analyzing results of the HYPE model. It is available from the HYPEtools GitHUB pages as source or compiled package. For installation instructions, see the this page. (Note: Currently, the HYPEtools R package requires a 64 bit R installation).


The input data files needed for a HYPE application can be created in many ways. In our work at SMHI, we often create these files by using the GIS-based tool from SMHI called WHIST.

If you are interested in this tool we recommend that you discuss with us in the WHIST Forum or check if it is covered by a HYPE course.


ModelView is a tool that may be used to assist when calibrating large model domains using the HYPE model. The tool is used to display various model evaluation criteria at points where measurements are available.

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