HYPE Tools

HYPEtools is an R add-on package, providing a continuously growing set of functions to support and simplify processing files and analyzing results of the HYPE model. It is available from the HYPEtools GitHUB pages as source or compiled package. For installation instructions, see the this page on our github. (Note: Currently, the HYPEtools R package requires a 64 bit R installation).


The HYPE model is our main tool (an open source dynamic integrated rainfall-runoff and nutrient transfer model), which provides new information, forecasts and knowledge of water resources in Sweden and world-wide, addressing different spatial and temporal scales and a broad range of users, see SMHI Hypeweb.

The input data files needed for the HYPE applications can be created in many ways. In our work at SMHI, we often create these files by using the GIS-based tool from SMHI called WHIST.

Subbassin creation
WHIST subbasin delineation and routing determination.

WHIST is a GIS based tool for creating and manipulating watersheds for hydrological modelling. It uses topographic databases to delineate subbasins and determine the linking between them. The software also extracts and link data from other sources (shapefiles, grids) to the subbasins.+