Water Services

In addition to our free open data we also offer services at a cost to help business, institutes and agencies with developing their own water and climate services. Here you may subscribe to regular data delivery to your own production system, and you may ask our experts for assistance in impact assessments, tailor-made applications or customized courses for your staff/user community.


SMHI develops, maintains and operates large numerical model systems in meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climate. We are happy to share our data with many users across the globe as it can help in sustainable development of the Planet. Our standard packages include data that is already produced. SMHI share these to a low cost with fixed prices, only covering delivery costs (e.g., administration, storage, extraction, delivery channel, interactions with customers).  We also offer customized options, which require data adaptation, new data production, quality checks, etc to meet specific needs. Finally we offer consultancy services. For the two latter, prices for the services depends on the work load required.

Search among our services in water and climate to order directly or contact us!

We provide a wide range of hydrological data that you can customize to your needs.

We offer tailored consultancy services upon request. Check out examples of how help public and private organizations to manage in an optimal way water resources.

We have an annual open HYPE course for training in ‘Multi-basin modelling using World-Wide HYPE (WWH) at the local/regional scale.

If you have questions or need help, please contact us or check out our FAQ.