Open HYPE Course 2023

September 6-8, 2023 online and in Norrköping, Sweden

The course describes multi-basin hydrological modelling using HYPE at the local/regional scale. It is organized by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).



Course participants (on-site left and online right) in 2022.


The course provides an introduction to the HYPE model and introduces SMHI’s global HYPE set-up WW-HYPE (WW-HYPE). WW-HYPE builds on open global and regional data sources. We are aiming to collaboratively improve WW-HYPE, which is why participants can after the course apply for WW-HYPE sub-models for their areas of interest.

This year’s course consists of lectures and exercises on the following themes (preliminary, subject to changes):

  • HYPE model overview
  • HYPE model process description
  • Building and using HYPE model applications: Setup and data files, available tools
  • WW-HYPE model introduction: Set-up, performance, future
  • Improving the existing WWH model setup for a part of the world
  • HYPE calibration: Strategies for large-scale hydrological model setups and available calibration routines in HYPE
  • Water quality modelling with HYPE: Process description and model setup

The course itself is free of cost. Registration is closed.
We particularly welcome women and people from other underrepresented groups in hydrology to join the course!

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