The operational production is based on a complex production chain and as for all technology, it can break occasionally. Breaks in the production chain are notified with emails to customers and will be mended as soon as possible. The European model is run in the official operational environment at SMHI and has 24/7 service regarding forecast production, while the global model is run in a pre-operational mode and may occasionally be without support. Reimbursement due to technological failures of deliveries are regulated in the contract between SMHI and the customer.

The agreement between model data and observed data varies in time and space, which can be a results of either model uncertainties and assumptions, or problems with the in-situ monitoring (rating curves, reporting procedures, etc). Please, visit the maps and explore the metrics of model performance and read about analysis of model evaluation in our scientific publications.

Disclaimer: SMHI cannot be hold responsible for any damage caused by actions taken by the customer or claims from a third part after receiving refined products based on this data from the customer. Read more in the License agreement.