About E-HYPE

E-HYPE is under continuous development and this information describes the latest version of E-HYPE. Most applications on the site use the most recent model E-HYPE 3.1.1 which is presented here. However, climate results presented use E-HYPE 2.5. For more information on these versions see respective applications or contact us.

E-HYPE version:3.1.1

HYPE model version:HYPE 4_10_7

Geographical domain:Drainage basin of Europe

Model purpose/User community:

This is a multipurpose model. Current operational uses include water forecasting in Europe today (WET, a real-time water information service), delivering forecast data to oceanography models, delivering a soil-water forecast for gardening companies and more. The model is also used for many research projects including as the main source of open data for both research experiments and production in the SWITCH-ON project, for European climate scenarios in the IMPACT2C and ECLISE projects, for seasonal forecasting in the EUPORIAS project and more. A separate pan-european model, EFAS-HYPE is currently being tested in the European Flood Awareness System (EFAS).

Table 1. Data sources and characteristics

Characteristic/Data typeInfo/NameProvider (references below)
Total area (km2)8.8 million-
Number of sub-basins35408 (mean size 215 km2)Tailored by SMHI from topography
Topography (routing and delineation)Hydrosheds and Hydro1K (for latitude > 60°)WWF & USGS
Soil characteristicsESD
Panagos (2006)
Land use characteristics CORINE
GLC2000 (for areas not covered by CORINE)
Euroland Soil Sealing for urban area

Produced by: GeoVille, Planetek, Infoterra
Lake and wetlandGGLWD for lake area and distributionLehner and Döll (2004)
Irrigation EIM, EU scale
GMIA, global scale
Siebert et al. (2010), global scale
FAO-56, regional scale
Wriedt et al. (2009), Siebert et al. (2005)
Type of crop, demand of waterCAPRI, MIRCA2000, FAO-56Portmann et al. (2010)
Discharge Global Runoff Data Centre
European Water Archive (EWA)
Baltex Hydrological Data Centre (BHDC)
PrecipitationWFDEIWeedon, G. P. et al.(2014)
TemperatureWFDEIWeedon, G. P. et al.(2014)
Snow GlobSnow
Former Soviet Union Hydrological Snow surveys
1. http://www.globsnow.info/
2. Krenke, A. (1998, 2004)
Glacier fluctuationsWorld Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)Zemp, M. et al. (2012)
EvapotranspirationMODIS satellitehttp://modis.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/dataprod/dataproducts.php?MOD_NUMBER=16
Waste waterHyde (population), EEA (treatment levels)Goldewijk et al. (2011), http://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/indicators/urban-waste-water-treatment/urban-waste-water-treatment-assessment-3
Atmosperic N depositionMATCH model simulationsSMHI
Industrial point sourcesEuropean Pollutant Release and Transfer Registerhttp://prtr.ec.europa.eu/
Crop statisticsCAPRIBritz et al. (2007)
Riverine nutrient concentrationsNational data sets and GEMS Waterhttp://gemstat.org



Contact person

For further information, please contact René Capell

Funding: Setup of E-HYPE was initiated by SMHI, but has benefited from funding from a number of sources where the model was further developed and provided data to each project. Projects include several EU FP7 projects  Geoland2MyOceanOPERRSUDPLANEcosupport and ECLISE as well as a Swedish  Formas research grant for the  Hydroimpacts2.0 project. Ongoing projects in which E-HYPE is used and further developed include FP7 projects  IMPACT2CEUPORIAS and SWITCH-ON and the

References for Input data

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