Small datasets can be downloaded directly from the interactive maps. For regular delivery and large datasets, we offer a number of deals from the Global or European models, to cover our expenses of this service.

Types of data we provide

We offer three different types of data to purchase and all of them can be customized to your needs by using our customization tool. For each type of data, multiple variables are available for purchase. You can see the description of all variables here.

Each data set can be built according to the following standard specifications:

  • Variables: pick as many variable(s) as you want to buy for a fixed price.
  • Geographical domains: whole Europe or whole world.
  • File format: all files come as a standard package in NetCDF with Shape files
  • Time period: fixed time period depending on the type of data you want.

All the above specifications can be customized to your need with an additional cost. Go to our customization tool and go through the different steps to build a data package tailor-made for you.

What is the process to buy data?

Our team is here to assist you throughout all the steps, you can contact us for any questions or doubt by using our contact form.

1. Go on our customizing tool to request your data package

Select the type of data you want to buy, geographical region, variables, format and period.

2. Fill in your information and click submit

Name and email are the mandatory information we need to be able to contact you.

3. You receive a contract after our team has reviewed your request

If something is unclear in your request, our team will contact you to clarify it.

4. Your data package is produced by our team

Once a signed contract is received, our production team starts the work.

5. You receive your data access and can download it

An FTP will be set up for you to download your data.

Get the hydrological prediction data you need by using our data customization tool

Not finding what you are looking for?

Visit our consultancy page to find out how we can help you as the data delivery page covers only part of what we do.

Already a client?

Already a client and want to buy an additional year to a previous historical data contract? or have questions? Contact Us

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