Below is a list of questions linked to the buying process of data. If you cannot find an answer to your question in this FAQ, please use the form to contact us.

After you have chosen your variable(s) and other parameters and submitted your request via our customization tool, our team of expert will contact you at the email you provided with a contract. If there are missing information in order to create a contract, our team will contact you with additional questions to clarify your request in order to give you a full quote.

Our standard variables are free of charge. You do not pay for costs related to variable setup/development. However, there are costs associated with administration, running the models, storage and distribution of data, maintenance and development of the infrastructure that we need to apply a fixed fee for. Furthermore, additional costs are applied for options that not are included in our standard service, e.g. other file formats or geographical regions.

You can always contact us if you do not find what you need, we do provide tailor-made services.

Here are examples of services we can provide:

– Customized data production: Use alternative input data, run the model using other forcing data, and/or update results using monitoring data, and/or deliver data for specific areas. 
– Model improvements and new model development 
– Consulting :
Select E-HYPE subbasins depending on main rivers or other hydrological features,
Adaptating/postprocessing EHYPE data to your specific needs 
Use the E-HYPE model for assessing climate change impact to your area of interest (see Reference project)

You can choose between a multitude of variables that include specific indicators. You can read all information on variables on the page about all water variables here.

Here is an example of daily mean discharge in 30 last days and deterministic forecast of upcoming 10 days, for all subbasins in E-HYPE.

Here you can find a template of a contract. This contract will be the basis for any new contract, some parts, especially specification of services, will be modified to match your request.

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