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Mean river discharge

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Model performance

ModelView is a tool that may be used to assist when calibrating large model domains using the HYPE model. The tool is used to display various model evaluation criteria at points where measurements are available.

To use the tool the user has to drag and drop two files into the tool. Firstly a HYPE GeoData.txt file containing the following columns:

-SUBID (identification numbers of the subbasins in the model set-up)

-LATITUDE (latitude of the outlet point of the subbasin, in decimal degrees)

-LONGITUDE (longitude of the outlet point of the subbasin, in decimal degrees)

-AREA (area of the subbasins in the model set-up, in sqare meters)

-UPAREA (area of the subbasins upstream of a subbasin (not including the subbasin itself), in square meters)

After having loaded the GeoData.txt file into the tool it is possible to display result by drag and drop a HYPE model evaluation file (e.g. subass1.txt). To look at a different variable simply drag and drop another subass file into the tool.

It is also possible to view time series plots for the stations that are displayed. The user has to define where the folder that holds the model subbasin results (e.g. 0001575.txt) is located and then click on the station of interest in the map.

It is possible to filter which stations that should be displayed based on the size of the basin (upstream of the outlet point) by using the slider in the tool.

The following model evaluation criteria is available (Description of the different criteria is found here)

-Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency (NSE)

-Correlation Coefficient

-Relative error of the mean

-Relative error in standard deviation

-Kling-Gupta Efficiency (KGE)

In the top left corner of the tool there are functionalities to change the background map and to display larger rivers. It is also possible to search for specific locations by clicking on the magnifying glass.