Quick Guide on using HYPE

After reading this tutorial you should be able to download and run a demo model of HYPE. The HYPE model is available for download at sourceforge. You download the source code or precompiled executables and demos of small model applications. Included in download are a ReadMe-file with instructions for compiling the source files (ifort and gfortran compilers have been tested) to get an executable for your system.

The code is written in Fortran and is open source under the Lesser GNU Public License. SMHI took the initiative for a HYPE Open Source Community to strengthen international collaboration in hydrological modelling.

The purpose of these guides is to help you get started using our model and where basic information is found.

HYSS HYPE schematic

The HYdrological Simulation System (HYSS) that is used for HYPE is a framework that can be used to simulate other models. HYSS handles calibration, simulation, input data and writing results to files. The model handles the hydrological processes and calculates what happens during one time step. If you want to build your own model in the HYSS framework you only need to program the core of the model and couple it to the framework.

Starting a new model or digging into the HYPE-code can be daunting. We provide a simple hydrological model set in the HYSS framework as a template to facilitate this task. The simple model code is explained in detail in the code files and has only basic features. The template model is found on sourceforge (HYSS template model).

The HYPE model – An introduction

An introduction to the history of the HYPE model and the different functions presented by Lic. Göran Lindström, Hydrological Research, SMHI, Sweden. This lecture was given as part of the Open HYPE course, held annually at SMHI in Sweden.

On site training

Please also check our page about the training we offer at our premises in Sweden at SMHI.

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