About HypeWeb

Here SMHI publish modelled Open Data for inspection and free download from multi-basin and large-scale applications of the HYPE model world-wide. Each model domain is version managed and updated continuously and only the latest results are presented.

A ‘large-scale hydrological model’ is a numerical code calculating water volume and fluxes over large geographical areas, which encompass many river basins, cross regional and international boundaries, and a number of different geophysical and climatic zones. ‘Multi-basin’ indicates that each geographical domain include numerous coupled catchments and has a relatively high spatial resolution, although most basins are ungauged. The temporal resolution in the calculations is normally daily.

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Model nameGeographical domain draining to:Area (km2)Resolution (km2)Reference periodNo. Gauging sitesWater quality
S-HYPEthe Swedish coast484 000131961-2013401Nutrients
Balt-HYPEthe Baltic Sea1.8 million3501971-2008156Nutrients
E-HYPEcoasts of continental Europe8.8 million2151981-2013230 (?)Nutrients
Arctic-HYPEthe Arctic Sea23 million7001980-20091349-
LPB-HYPELa Plata River3.1 million5001975-200068-
Niger-HYPENiger River2.1 million26191979-200956-
MENA-HYPEcoast of Middle East and North Africa20 million6491979-2009100-
India-HYPEcoasts of sub-Indian continent4.9 million8101976-200543-

Societal use of model results

The modelling was initiated by different reasons in different domains, and currently the results are for instance used for: