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HYPE is developed by the Hydrology Research Group at Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).

About HYPE

The hydrological catchment model HYPE simulates water flow and substances on their way from precipitation through soil, river and lakes to the river outlet (Lindström et al., 2010). The catchment is divided into subbasins which in turn are divided into classes (calculation units) depending on land use, soil type and elevation. Read more.
Scientific Publications.

The historical evolution of the HYPE model and its applications by SMHI. 

Data at HYPEweb

Here SMHI publishes modelled Open Data for inspection and free download from multi-basin and large-scale applications of the HYPE model world wide.

A ‘large-scale hydrological model’ is a numerical code calculating water volume and fluxes over large geographical areas, which encompass many river basins, cross regional and international boundaries, and a number of different geophysical and climatic zones. ‘Multi-basin’ indicates that each geographical domain includes numerous coupled catchments and has a relatively high spatial resolution, although most basins are ungauged. The temporal resolution in the calculations is normally daily.

Model name Geographical domain draining to Area (km2) Resolution (km2) Reference Period No. Gauging sites Water Quality
E-HYPE coasts of continental Europe 8.8 million 215 1981-2013 230 (?) Nutrients
S-HYPE the Swedish coast 484 000 13 1961-2013 401 Nutrients
Arctic-HYPE Arctic Basin 23 million 700 1980-2009 1349 -
LPB-HYPE Rio de La Plata 3.1 million 215 1981-2013 500 -
Niger-HYPE Niger Delta 2.1 million 2619 1979-2009 56 -
India-HYPE coasts of sub-Indian continent 4.9 million 810 1976-2005 43 -